Monday, January 28, 2013

Practical Jokes

Dear friend on Facebook,

Implying that you are pregnant and then telling everyone that your "new addition" is actually a puppy and not a baby is really funny.  Really.  No one has ever done that before, and it's not going to hurt anyone's feelings.  Riotously funny.


  1. I followed you over here from Pentimento, and as you haven't posted in almost a year I'm not sure you will even get this comment, but yours looks like a blog that I would like to read if you ever reactivate it. And this particular post really got to me (what to add except ICK) - I hope it's not your last. From the comment on Pentimento it sounds like you are a homeschooler, which from my veteran perspective would explain not having *any* time to post blogs, but about the homeschooling lifestyle generally I just want to say, God bless you!!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I don't have any plans to start posting again any time soon. I am not a homeschooler because I do not have any children. I work part time at a Catholic school and I teach private music lessons, mostly to children who are homeschooled (here in Alaska, because so many people live in rural areas without access to public schools, parents who enroll their children in state-sponsored homeschool programs and get reimbursed for things like books and music lessons).