Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Skills

After my experience leading the singing at the Byzantine parish on Sunday, I started thinking.  Always dangerous, I know.  What I started to think was that there should be a merit badge system for church musicians, like scouts.  There should be a set number of badges at each level, earn a new badge and you move up.  We could name the levels after the choir of angels.  The lower level would include things like join the choir and play in the handbell choir.  Somewhere in the middle is planning the music for an ordinary Sunday Mass with choir.  Advanced levels are singing all the Gregorian propers for High Mass all by yourself, acting as cantor for a rite that's not your own and conducting a choir in a polyphonic Mass setting.

What's that you say?  A convenient coincidence that I've done all the things I've proposed as "badges" to earn?

Nope, not a coincidence.  I just like to brag.  I suppose there is a super-advanced level that I have not yet achieved, for example, singing at Holy Qurbana or the Liturgy of St. James would be truly an accomplishment for a Westerner.

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