Sunday, August 5, 2012

St. Dominic's Day

Could there be any better way to celebrate the Feast of St. Dominic than to attend a High Mass in the Dominican Rite?

Well, I guess it could have been Solemn High Mass.

The Mass was lovely.  It wasn't perfect, there are things that I'm sure will go better next time, but it was very good and the church was packed.  It was a full hour and a half long, and almost everyone stayed until the last strain of the closing hymn.  The new recruits in the schola sang well.  I've had a cold/sinus infection and have been voiceless for a week, but I really look forward to singing with all the new schola members at our next Dominican Rite High Mass, for the Vigil of the Assumption.

We've previously had High Mass every Sunday, but are taking a break and having mostly Low Masses in July and August because so many of the schola and altar servers keep disappearing on vacation.  We'll resume the regular schedule again soon, and I know it's going to be great!

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