Monday, August 20, 2012

A Perfect Sunday

Yesterday--Saturday--didn't start off well. I slept late, didn't get my chores done, and had to choose between grocery shopping and going to confession because I couldn't fit both in before I sang at the 5:30 Mass. I chose confession. Even that didn't start off auspiciously.  My husband and I both prefer as much anonymity as we can get in the confessional, so we go to our territorial parish rather than the church where he works and where all the priests know us quite well.

We arrived very early so as to be first in line, so we could make it down to the other church where we were going to Mass. Just after confessions were to start, the nun who works at the parish came into the church and announced that she didn't think the substitute priest had been told about confessions, and she didn't have his phone number.

Great. Now I had to either skip--not an option, as I really needed confession--or go to a priest who knows me, the thought of which made me feel sick to my stomach. (Yes, I know I have a problem. I am working on it.) We drove down to the church, I stood in line, I managed not to throw up, and I made my confession. I sang at Mass, received the Eucharist, and felt pretty good.

I could have slept in today and spent my day mostly at home, but something prompted me to go to Divine Liturgy at the Byzantine parish this morning. So, I got up at 6am (5.5 hours of sleep), got my husband out the door to work and got ready for Liturgy. One of my friends, who has five children, sat in the pew with me. Her husband wasn't able to come today and she was really struggling with her two littlest ones this morning. I was able to hold the baby while she wrangled the toddler. It was nice to be so useful. The homily, about the virtue of prudence, was really good. I stayed almost two hours after Liturgy chatting with friends. Even then, I still managed to do the shopping, laundry and dishes I should have done the day before, cook a tasty and healthy dinner, and enjoy a quiet evening by the fire with my husband.

And all that on less than six hours sleep and with only a yogurt for breakfast and a blueberry muffin and some coffee for lunch. It all started with confession yesterday. Be brave, friends, and go to confession. It is really difficult at times, but God's grace is magnificent and He will reward your courage.

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